1. didgit's Avatar
    how do i find my own posts ?
    on another forum they are saved on the quicklinks, but not here how do i find them please.
    12-08-11 01:58 PM
  2. Eli_B's Avatar
    Or you can go to your profile (from the forums), click on the statistics tab and then click the link that says find all posts by (your user name). That's usually how I do it
    12-08-11 02:06 PM
  3. albee 1's Avatar
    +1 for kelly's suggestion. There is a lot of functionality here at CB. You will eventually find your way. Make sure you are logged in first!

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    12-08-11 06:53 PM
  4. didgit's Avatar
    Thanks guys controls just in different places to what i am used to.
    12-09-11 01:50 AM