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    I am new here...however I don't know why b/c I am always reading threads and finding great info. I have a Blackberry Curve 8330 from Alltel.

    Here is my problem...I am going to assume it's karma..however while trying to sneak my water into the movie theatre it leaked through the plastic bag I had it in and got my phone wet....barely wet b/c the drink was in a bag..however wet....I am telling you...It must be karma!
    I can kind of see what it says...very, very faintly if I hold it to the light just right...but it still it hardly there. The white box it still completely white so its not indicating that it got wet....and on the battery there is a white sticker with a red line...not sure what that means...even after reading about it on here.

    So I am trying the rice trick...I took the back off and the memory card out....am I doing good so far? Or do you think this may be a different problem?

    ALso..if the rice is a good idea....what about all the rice dust....how do I get that out of there? Hopefully I am not ruining it as I type

    Any info is great...and I truly don't mean to beat a dead horse with the water issue.

    The screen showed alittle moisture in the top left corner, but its gone now. It still works to dial...I just have no idea whats on the screen...

    Thanks ahead of time
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    Keep it in the bag of rice for a day and then try to fire it up. You did good to remove the battery etc before tossing it in the rice. Let us know how it works tomorrow. Most of the time the rice trick works. I hope it does in your case as well.
    04-02-09 10:37 PM
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    The rice will work ... my co-worker dropped his Curve in the toilet (don't ask) and used the rice trick and it worked.
    Don't know how he got rid of the rice dust but I would assume some canned compressed air that you use to clean any electronic device would work.
    04-02-09 10:38 PM
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    Yep the compressed air should help get rid of some of that rice dust. To the OP good luck!
    04-02-09 10:41 PM
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    You guys are great...and fast!!! I will let you know how it goes!
    04-02-09 10:45 PM
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    An alternative to rice is macaroni noodles. They also have a very high moisture absorption rate and are not as hard to clean up after.

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    04-02-09 10:49 PM
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    Unfortunatly. I have tried the "rice" trick. Didn't work for me. I left in in for days. I figured maybe I used ther wrong type of rice(white). Lol. Still worth a try. Keep us posted. I'm curious.

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    04-02-09 11:01 PM