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    First of all i am happy that the systems are up again and running.
    ...was i happy about the fact that my "loved BB " was down ....NO.
    As i have mentioned before , it is been build by humans or programmed etc , i will and can fail, with the highest standards issues like this will always happen...NO MATTER how super and state of the art technology is being used, still build by humans !

    Sad examples from the past Challenger and Columbia Disaster in believes this technical milestones have been build with the highest fail safe standards.

    We will experience more issues like this in the future as more complexity of systems will required by users, yes US.

    Little example, if you go on a farm ( organic ) and pick up an egg straight out of the chickens nest, the possibility or recovery a 100% not damaged egg is highly possible.
    No if you industrialize the process you will find out that you will have a daily rate of broken eggs , caused by the highly developed transport etc system of 5%
    ... as more technic we use as more we will be harmed by the technic, fail-save or not.

    How effective is the technic we use today, specially in NON personal voice communication ( BBM , Text MSG, Email ). Not really.
    I send a BBM to one of suppliers .....with a request of doing something.
    I consider this OUT OF MY MIND.....i passed it on ....done , his issue now.....really no , wait , i check constantly if the D pop up and then the R.....holy cow , why is the D not even popping up.....i check every few minutes because it is not really out of my mind , specially something isn't working the way it should .

    F**k, why doesn't get the BBM ( or similar ) get through.
    Maybe i reboot my system ....must be a bug. " Stupid RIM / WHATSAPP etc technicians "

    Reboot is done......

    SORRY quick TIME OUT look at your self, what have you done in the meanwhile of the reboot , right staring at the screen and following the little bar , slowing managing the way to the right hand side of the screen.

    OK back to the process after checking the security system of the BB finally back to life, WTF , still no R not even a D.....what is going on ....quickly send a totally useless BBM to wife or friend just to check the system ......and again starring at the screen, ufff, here is the D and and and , Y E S ....the R just pop up as well....my BBM works.
    First to do now , not to be rude , answer the reply from the person you have send the TEST MSG too.

    Now back after 10 minutes or more to the msg which i have send , to get the issue out of my mind

    OK, step number two ....send a email that always works.... CUT COPY PASTE , fill in subject and send ......ok done.

    But still why isn't the D coming in ....... to make a long story short , there can be several reasons , in the plan , no data coverage etc.......a simple call would have solved it with in a minute...even when in the plane , one of the first inventions after sms .....voicemail.

    Picking up the phone is quicker , more effective and polite....and it might be out of your mind quicker.

    and it would have worked during BB DOWN.

    Depending on emails ....and to receive then right away....if it is a email it can't be this urgent , because if you receive 5 to 10 per hour you need sometime to answer them effectively.....because this is how we work , right do we really or is it more of a chat on email
    OK we leave this open ......

    If you life depend on a small technical handheld ( amount , lets make it expensive 550 USD ), get a backup. Ipad, Iphone, Android an Office or a secretary.

    I think if you LIFE or JOB depend on this little handheld , the investment of a backup system would be well justified.

    Specially if the secretary is from Russia ( sorry no offense ) it might do something good for your eyes instead of looking always at this tinny little screen

    Back to where we came from ......would you jump out of a plane without the safety ....me, no .

    Sometime i really get the impression ( i include me as well ) that we intend to make an elephant out of a mouse.

    For all the people who thought they could threaten RIM, well go and get a iPhone and start traveling to a country where you will pay for roaming.....same with the android people ( both great phone ) don't start roaming .....

    Most of the times when i bring up this subject about Iphones or Androids and the roaming costs....i get the following answer

    Why would you use a tinny little item in you hotel, when you can start up your laptop, or checking if at the place or area where you are WIFI is available.
    Anyway lets skip this .

    Why are you carrying a phone which allows you to get and send datas , when you switch this off.

    The cost effectiveness of a Blackberry , during roaming it unbeatable, and still being mobile, not depending on WIFI.

    and by the way this might answer your question why is the single or double hook popping up on the Whatsapp i just have send.

    We all should be happy that the Loved BB is back alive and enjoy our life's and not getting gray hair over something which is not even worth getting a heart attack for .....

    with the best regards from a true BB lover
    10-13-11 03:27 AM
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    That was long lol.

    But last part is true people need to stop relying totally on a phone. There aint but one thing you can truely rely on and that you yourself.

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    10-13-11 03:34 AM
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    Now that is something. I always tell people to relax and not to get their knickers in a knot (a british term to not go bonkers/insane over something so little, it happens, just be patient)

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    10-13-11 03:38 AM