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    I'm on an 8700c and was very excited to upgrade to OS 4.2. These are some of my issues and or "gripes" (if you will) with the OS. I know technology moves forward and at times on an upgrade you lose some of your favorite features from the previous OS - I am ALL for fast moving technology - still thought I would put these issues down - IMHO -
    • Unlock/lock menu is gone
    • Phonepix doesn't work correctly - when phone is locked and you try to do the keyboard unlock sequence to answer the phone -no luck
    • Pocket Express doesn't work correctly - can only go on an angle to the different icons which means you can't access most of the icons - sent an email to the developer - will update the post when I receive an answer from them
    • In the Zen Theme - the header/footer remains on the screen when in messages and phone therefore the apps aren't full screen.
    • In the Zen Theme - the icons are on the side of the home screen and when you go to view the additional apps they don't stay on the side they are in rows and columns on the screen. In 4.1 the icons on the side were just that - on the side - even when you accessed all of the apps past the home screen
    • There is now a red "x" in BB IM when unavailable, which to me denotes a more "offline status" (this one isn't an issue for me just thought I would mention it)
    • UPDATE - can't delete multiple messages at one time. After using ALT & then selecting the messages I want to delete - they won't delete (individually either after that point). Must remove the battery to be able to delete those individual messages.
    As I work with this more I will add to the list. FYI - These are all things that have changed since 4.1. I am sticking with it and trying to get used to the changes. If I had to pick, so far, the unlock/lock menu issue is the most annoying feature change.
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    04-21-07 11:21 AM
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    Alternatively, revert to 4.1 (am sure you can still download it from your respective carrier), and wait for them to offer 4.2 (if they ever do that is).

    At least this way everything like be like you had it...
    04-21-07 11:52 AM
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    I'm trying to stick with it but I might just do that Navilyn - thanks for all of your help!
    04-21-07 01:22 PM
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    Sorry about all the issues you are having, but just remember... all future devices you get with have at least 4.2 or higher on them. So, I'd suggest just trying to stick it out and get used to it. Hopefully it will be better soon when other carriers release 4.2
    04-21-07 03:10 PM
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    I agree, i thought about switching back but all new BB will have the higher OS and why not make the most of it. I am still finding little things which i will post, but really think its worth sticking with
    04-21-07 04:07 PM
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    Kasper & tmag. Actually something very strange - I did try to go back to 4.1 this afternoon and it didn't work. I followed the usual directions for installing an OS and no luck. Anyway, I know that topic is for another thread - thanks so very much and for now I will hang in there. And thanks to Navilyn for all of this direction.
    04-21-07 11:42 PM
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    Too many issues popping up for me - I went back to 4.1 successfully. I miss some of the groovy stuff from 4.2 but I will be there soon enough on my next device
    04-23-07 09:32 PM