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    So lately my calls with Tmobile have been dropping like crazy with my bold 9700. They're telling me that my sim card is old and that if I take my sim card and put it in a new device it'll work Then they told me to take out the battery and off turn the wifi and turn on my phone. Tmobile is telling me that because if the 2g, 3g and wifi my calls would drop. Now i live in the NJ/nyc area. Where frequency and signals are all over the place. Then they changed their story and say the bold lately has been having problems. Any story then can tell me to not leave. I've been a tmo customer since their omnipoint days and voicestream. Left to sprint in 2002 but at that time Sprint was like the death sentence and still is.

    BB has not given me what I have been wanting and I am looking to leave bb and go to the nexus s or the g2.

    When I receive a text on my bb for some reason, I cannot open the new text from the recent contact but I can open other texts form other contacts. and then after 30 minutes I can finally read the text from the user I WANT. sometimes I have to act like im sending a text by going to my sms folder, create a new sms and enter the contact who's text I want to open and hit ok. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    My youtube videos are always buffering even if I have it on pause for minutes so I can watch my favorites videos without interruption.

    Aim and yahoo icons don't show even though I have the lastest BB versions.

    The bbm is slow at times and the messages are more delayed than a flight from JFK.

    RIM really needs to step up their game up SERIOUSLY!

    Anyone else having these issues????
    12-22-10 12:20 AM
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    I don't know about other blackberry users but I went out with a T-Mo user today who owns a G2 (I think that's what it's called, the new one, my touch) anyway she was having problems sending texts and has been complaining about the issue for roughly two weeks. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help but maybe it's the carrier. They should offer you something for all of your troubles though, it sounds like you've been a loyal customer.

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    12-22-10 04:36 PM
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    No, I haven't had any of the issues you are having.

    Do you have low memory, making sure you close out apps? Might be worth your while to change out the OS to get a fresh start?

    I will say if you are having a bunch of dropped calls and what not, that is more carrier specific and might run into the same problem on another phone. Some phones work better than others, but keep that in mind.

    If I was in your shoes, unless I had an upgrade ready or a good amount of money to throw on a no contract phone, then I would try changing out the OS.

    Good luck...

    PS, we all differ...I have yet to find a phone I like more than my 9700 as it suites me perfectly. Maybe it makes me an dinosaur or maybe it just works for me, either or, I couldn't be more happy with a device.

    Now T-Mobile, sometimes I love them, other times I want to strangle a baby kitten...

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    12-22-10 04:49 PM