12-20-11 09:55 AM
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    Video: The BB can record and playback video, but not as well as some other smartphones with bigger screens and higher resolution cameras. Honestly, if watching movies and other videos is a high priority, then it's pretty obvious to me that a device with a larger screen than even the 98xx is needed--and a very fast powerful processor to support it. I've watched a movie or two on my BB, but it's not something I'm interested in doing very much of. The occasional YouTube clip is okay, but if I thought I needed to be doing a lot of that sort of thing I'd get a different device.

    Jus saying. Don't count Blackberrys out. I watch movies on my Blackberrys all the time. Yea I wish I had a bigger screen.
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    12-19-11 01:41 PM
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    Well looks like I am part of the 'crackberry' family now
    Welcome, glad to have ya and like everyone else said, don't worry about what others say. If it suits your needs, enjoy it! I used a Curve 9300 for a year before getting my 9860 and still like going back to my Curve from time to time. Its a great phone.
    12-19-11 01:53 PM
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    I don't understand how can something like this "win"..
    IF you like your Blackberry then it does all the things that it should do for you..
    I agree that my friends that uses iphones can enjoy more games with thier smartphone.. but, they can't use Email like i do.. i use my Blackberry as a phone, as a device that helps me work faster. and it's all i need from my mobile device - do the job for me.

    What i like with Blackberry is that i can trust my device with security, with fast email communication using the keyboard and the service.
    I think that if i was into playing games and searching for apps i would use iphone or android.
    12-19-11 10:56 PM
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    Blackberry has fallen behind to Android and Apple and the glaring lack of apps. As a BB owner you have to accept that your phone will not be the latest and greatest. If you can't accept that then you need to follow your friend and get an Android.
    Other then BB having less apps, I can't easily think of anything a BB couldn't do that an Android can. Every post I see by you is just ripping into BB, so I don't know if you're trolling, or just came here to hate.
    12-19-11 11:25 PM
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    you made a wrong decision. id pick an android phone over owning another blackberry (after having at least 4 in my blackberry days). sorry RIM. your inability to keep up with the times = lots of people moving on
    Did you actually read the OP? Do you have a clue what you or he are talking about?
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    12-20-11 12:23 AM
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    I had a Android. By the end of owning one I was kinda creeped out by it. So many apps can access anything on your phone. Like pictures, text msgs, and the list goes on. I read a few things about how Android does not care about the safety of there users. I dont know if its 100% true, but I do know that when I downloaded a few apps and they where asking for permisions on my phone, I was thinking to myself....."why would they need permisions for that....hmmm.” Plus I hateeee the FORCE CLOSE all the friggen time. And I hate how glitchy my phone became after awhile. I even whipped everything from my phone, and it still was sooo glitchy. (This did not just happen to my phone either my gf also had a Nexus S, same peoblems) It was a really cool phone though in alot of ways. I still like android. But would prefer BlackBerry for alot of reasons.
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    Statistically LESS likely to be stolen...isn't that a WIN
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    12-20-11 08:58 AM
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    Some people pick their device because it is popular and hip, some pick because it works best for them. Do the latter.
    12-20-11 09:52 AM
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    A friend of mine recently pitted my blackberry against an android phone, and guess what ????he won. Me being a first time blackberry user wanted to give it right on his face how cool my phone was but he proved me wrong even using a phone which costs less than my bb(i.e. Even the features!) And well last but not the least he pointed at an article which says muggers did not even like stealling a bb.Did I being a student buying a bb really make a bad decision?
    Short answer? yes. My cousin Julio told me that this hair stylist said RIM is going to be bought out by the breakfast diner in their plaza for $32 and BB's will be discontinued. Yepper, they did that badly in q4
    12-20-11 09:55 AM
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