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    I recently purchased a new Blackberry from England. I brought it back to Canada and asked Rogers (my service provider) for a Blackberry data plan. But not all services are working; email, facebook app and msn messenger are not working - (i get a message saying that the data services are not enabled). I called Rogers today and they are saying that my phone is listed as stolen in RIM's database, therefore i cant use it. But this is not true; i got a brand new phone with the box and everything. I asked the Roger support guy, how can i have my phone removed from RIMs stolen phone list. But he didnt know.

    Can someone please help me out. I dont know who to contact or what to do in this case.

    08-22-10 10:51 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Check your sales receipt. Make sure the IMEI of the phone you've got matches what's shown on your receipt. Then call Rogers Customer Service again. You'll likely get a different operator. Explain the problem. Refer to your sales receipt. Ask the Customer Service person to escalate the issue if he/she can't solve it. Stay calm and keep escalating until you reach someone who can help you, or who can refer you to someone who can.

    If your sales receipt doesn't match your phone, or you don't have a sales receipt, you've got a problem.
    08-22-10 11:18 AM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    And when you say that you "got a brand new phone with the box and everything", from whom (or what shop) did you purchase it?
    08-22-10 12:17 PM
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    I contacted Rogers Customer Care again but they said that they cant help me because i purchased the Blackberry from a third party.

    i dont have the sales receipt.

    I purchased the phone from a tech store in London.

    do you think RIM can help me out? do you know if they provide assistance for free in such cases or do i have to pay $50?
    08-22-10 01:55 PM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    Credit card purchase? Card company might be able to help provide proof of purchase. Good luck.
    08-22-10 02:23 PM
  6. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    RIM won't help you. And certainly not for free. You have to pay the fee no matter what.

    But it sounds like you purchased the device from a disreputable and/or an unauthorized (or both) vendor.

    If you don't have a receipt and can't return to the vendor, then it's time to chalk it up to experience.
    08-22-10 02:40 PM
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    Damn that really sux! I'd be all over that vendor for that. He probably knew exactly what he was doing. I purchas from Craigslist quite frequently and after the 1st time this happened to me I always make it a point to call in the IMEI # to insure the validity of the purchase. Anyone not willing to let you do So is shady~ (also I always check the firewall to make sure it does not have a IT Policy on it).

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    08-22-10 03:16 PM
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    What store was it? I live in London and I'd be able to tell you if it was dodgy or not as I work with mobile phones and they're my hobby so I bought phones from various places in London.

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    08-22-10 03:34 PM