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    So.. I bought my Blackberry Bold 9000 at a regular store (not from a major carrier like Orange or Pelephone). After 4 or 5 months my blackberry stoped working. Even though the phone has a Pelephone logo I always used with my Cellcom simcard.
    I took it back to the store I bought and the guy tells me he needs a paper that was in the box so he can find the guy that sold the BB to him. I dont have this paper and chances he will find this guy are really low.
    This phone has a Pelephone logo, one of the major carriers here in Israel. I called them and asked if I could provide them with the IMEI number so they could check if the phone was blocked or reported stolen. They didnt want to help me.
    I went to a Mobile shop and asked if there was anything they could do to help me, they said that this phone was lost and that it would only work abroad. That Pelephone had blocked it.
    I went online and checked on CheckMend and its all clear.
    I tried to check on the phone under Advanced options and Sim Card.. all the options are 'Disabled'. As far as I understand that means the phone is Sim free no? I could use with any sim card?
    Any Ideas?

    08-27-10 08:18 AM