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    Here I am three days into my first BlackBerry product, for me it's the Classic. So i'm a neophyte but I do have some observations:

    1. The physical keyboard is going to take a while to get used to. I need to work on my thumb muscles...

    2. I've used every mobile operating system out there including Ubuntu and Firefox but BlackBerry* OS 10 is the most elegant, advanced and intuitive I've encountered. The gesture-based method of interaction is genuinely unique. A design to be applauded.

    3. I hear that BlackBerry World has over 10,000 apps and when I take a peek in that bucket, the shine of the operating system is greatly diminished. I'm not talking about the quantity, it's the quality of the apps that makes my head spin. Page after page of embarrassingly low-brow selections.

    A system that's easy to love, one that feels mature even though it's a mere babe but once you step beyond the quality apps that come pre-installed you're in a wilderness of red-headed stepsons.

    * I actually typed capital B twice but when I hit the space bar, look what happened. Awesome.

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    08-05-15 08:49 AM
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    You are going to have to install Snap. Amazon is no solution. If you kept your old Android device you can use an APK Extractor app and email yourself the needed app. Some BlackBerry apps that duplicate (not the right term) the Android app like igrann client work well enough.

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    08-06-15 06:59 AM
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    Look through past CB articles on app reviews - you will find some useful ones even in BBW. But to have a more functional phone, you should install Google Play store, as per instructions found in the Android Apps sub-forum. Do a search on 'install Google Play store on BlackBerry' even in a browser, and you will get the relevant post.

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    08-07-15 06:53 AM
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    I love, love, love some of the native BlackBerry apps and OS10. And I agree that the BlackBerry experience would be enhanced with a fully functioning Google Play store. Having said that, I have been able to find needed apps such as my credit union banking app which works flawlessly on my Classic.

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    08-07-15 07:18 AM

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