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    Ok, I have a story to tell. It's full of woe and troubles in parts. Quite depressing, really. I post in the hopes that maybe someone can glean something useful from it. Forgive me, but I tend to long-windedness...
    We were out eating, and my wife shows me her phone. It's a Curve 8520, and she had just let Appworld update. White screen, with error 552. She ran to the AT&T store before they closed, and they said contact RIM. She tried that with no success and began going through the usual motions that you are told to start with. At some point, she gave up and I took over.
    I did what I always do, which is Google around seeing what the actual experts do to fix whatever. In other words, I looked at sites like this. I followed all the instructions on several sites, to no real avail. To detail:

    I tried the desktop software first. It wouldn't connect to the phone. Gave an error saying something like the battery was dead or the phone needed reset. Yes, I tried updating it.
    I tried connecting with just loader, which did work. I tooled around, deleted various apps. This had no effect on the 552. I had the new OS installed on my PC, so I thought I would install it, but loader wouldn't see it.
    On to JL_Cmder. First snag was that I run Win7 64bit. Moved my operation over to a Vista(yuck) machine, but it wouldn't connect to the phone using JL_Cmder. I kept getting an HResult error saying it couldn't connect to port. While trying to solve this, I figured out how to make it work on Win7. Moved back to that PC. To get the same failure to connect. Still 552.
    I found a piece of software called crackutil. It would connect to the phone! Could pull event viewer, etc. I had it wipe the file system. Still 552. Wiped the apps. Still 552. It showed nothing on the phone, but the error was still 552 instead of 507.
    Went back to JL_Cmder. It now saw the phone. Wiped with it too. Still 552. *sigh*
    Tried desk top software. Still no connection.
    Brought up loader again. It said that the phone had no OS. Yeah, I knew that. It found nothing on the PC. I navigated to the install folder, and it would see the files. When I tried to load any of them, it told me it couldn't because they weren't compatible with this phone. *more sighs*
    I poked around the internet some more. Read about something called BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife(BBSAK). I tried to download it, but was unable to register at the site that had it. Finally found it somewhere else and installed it. I clicked the install OS button with crossed fingers... And... up popped loader I had little hope left, but loader saw the OS! I have no clue why it saw it when started by BBSAK, but it did. I had tried running loader several times prior with no luck.

    So, that is the story. I have some questions. Maybe someone can answer them, who knows.

    1) Why do BB's do this? This question is rhetorical. Moving on.
    2) Why did I keep getting the 552 error even with a wiped BB?
    3) Why wouldn't the desktop software or the JL_Cmder connect to the phone?
    4) What is it all about?
    5) Why did it finally work? Was it because I finally had sacrificed enough sweat, blood, and tears to the Blackberry software gods? Should I try something else first next time, perhaps a chicken? I have a nice plump dachshund. Maybe that would be better?

    Anywho. This is what I did. Please assume that I did follow all the recommended steps(ie: battery pulls, resets, different USB ports, etc.) somewhere in there. I left those steps out of my long narrative in an attempt at some kind of brevity. I'm sure someone who knew what they were doing could have done it better. This way worked. I just don't know why or why the standard ways didn't.
    09-25-10 12:47 PM
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    Congratulations on your patience and perseverance.


    This thread has a list of the most common Sun Java Virtual Machine (JVM) error messages, unfortunatly, JVM 552 is not on the list.

    A little more searching turned up AT&T support at:

    Answer Center | AT&T

    552 Error: "Reload Software: 552" This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to RIM's development team.


    KB18751-Error "Reload Software: 552" is displayed on the BlackBerry smartphone 0 132856453

    Error "Reload Software: 552" is displayed on the BlackBerry smartphone


    Upgrade to the latest available BlackBerry Device Software version provided by your wireless service provider to resolve this issue.


    Complete the following steps:

    Verify that the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and the current BlackBerry Device Software (for your BlackBerry smartphone) is installed on the computer.
    Remove the battery from the BlackBerry smartphone. Do not re-insert the battery.
    Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager on the computer.
    Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer using a USB cable.
    On the BlackBerry Desktop Manager main screen, click Application Loader.
    In the Update Software area of the Application Loader, click Start.
    Click Options. This allows you to add or remove applications from the BlackBerry smartphone.
    Select the applications that you want to install.
    Click Next.
    Click Next.
    Click Finish.
    When the application load process starts, insert the battery into the BlackBerry smartphone.

    In effect, this is the same as VJM 507.

    507 Unsatisfied Link A dependency on a .COD file could not be satisfied because the .COD file is missing.
    09-25-10 01:33 PM
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    Yeah, I had read that fix. Sadly, it didn't work. The software was never able to detect the phone, even following the exact steps given.
    09-25-10 03:45 PM
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    Hey Reed, did it do that because the latest version of app world requires OS 5?

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    09-25-10 05:54 PM