1. westcoaster's Avatar
    i got a white screen that says "reload software: 507"
    but its frozen and cant connect to desktop manager. cant even turn it off, same screen appears after a battery pull. is this thing dead or is it going to pull through? its an 8900.
    02-14-11 04:24 PM
  2. rrrebo's Avatar
    02-14-11 04:26 PM
  3. westcoaster's Avatar
    don't think that will work for me, i'm on a mac not a windows machine. sounds like i'll need to borrow a pc or get a new phone.
    02-14-11 04:36 PM
  4. rrrebo's Avatar
    Borrowing a PC would be cheaper... But there is a Desktop Manager for Mac. Try this one:

    02-14-11 04:43 PM
  5. westcoaster's Avatar
    thanks rrrebo, took a couple hours but did the trick.
    02-15-11 10:27 AM
  6. rrrebo's Avatar
    Great! No need to panic; most of this stuff is fixable. Welcome back.

    Your profile says you aren't currently a BlackBerry user. Update it and tell us whatcha got! It does help people know at a glance what they are dealing with when you post a question. I'm not a Mac user, but there are plenty of them here to help you out.
    02-15-11 01:33 PM