03-14-12 07:49 PM
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  1. Dapper37's Avatar
    Only a true BB fan gets the cake! Nice job, happy birthday.
    03-14-12 05:46 AM
  2. alexandros2011's Avatar
    very cool...happy be bold b-day
    03-14-12 07:26 AM
  3. donnation's Avatar
    That is truly awesome!
    03-14-12 07:30 AM
  4. Spencerdl's Avatar
    You're a lucky "Crackberrian" with a wonderful wife.....she's a keeper . NICE cake
    03-14-12 07:39 AM
  5. kcmo's Avatar
    Hilarious! Happy Birthday!
    03-14-12 11:01 AM
  6. mssca's Avatar
    Did you make it or you paid a company to make the care for you? This is a great pic!
    03-14-12 11:10 AM
  7. dlrogers81's Avatar
    That is awesome!
    03-14-12 12:50 PM
  8. Morty2264's Avatar
    AWESOME! If only our own phones would double up as a cake... Hmm, that might not work out... . What a creative idea for a cake, though!
    03-14-12 01:02 PM
  9. cw0974's Avatar
    that is the best cake ever. haha I've seen so many cakes made into shoes like jordans but this one is awesome!
    03-14-12 05:45 PM
  10. tlo07's Avatar
    That is so awesome! Tell me the truth though-- does black frosting taste like @ss? I know RED sure does. LOL! Seriously, your wife deserves a pat on the back and happy birthday to you!
    03-14-12 07:00 PM
  11. tlo07's Avatar
    Wow! I just realized how old that original post was. Its almost time for his birthday again.
    03-14-12 07:06 PM
  12. up488's Avatar
    You know you're addict when!! Lol Awesome cake!!
    03-14-12 07:49 PM
37 12