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    Just to be clear, I have had this phone for half a year already and so far, I am happy. We have a router at home and my bb used to immediately connect to it when I got home. Same thing at work,

    My problem is, since last weekend, I have not been able to connect to any of our wifi routers.
    I have not changed anything in my bb...not the settings, not the names or passwords, etc.
    I really have no clue why it will not connect. All I keep seeing is the yellow circle with the dash beside my wifi connection.

    Please help.
    05-07-09 12:37 AM
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    You might just want to reset the routers, turn off your device, and reconnect the routers until they are fully up. Once that is done, turn the phone on, let it search for the hotspots, and connect. Hopefully, you are on a secure network and your wifi is secure and you have passwords for your phone to pick up the wifi connection.

    At best, you can call your ISP to reset your IP so that you get a fresh signal. If all else fails, take it in to your nearest store to check it out for any software malfuntions.

    Be sure to be running current OS for your phone.

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