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    So i just bought the blackberry 8310 curve and i was just wondering if anyone knew how to get the mute button to function as the standby feature. Ive been reading up on the lock keypad ways (alt and enter, apps menu and lock, k button) but for some reason after a week of use, the mute key wont turn my phone on standby. anyone know the solution?
    09-27-08 12:19 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    Press and hold the Mute/Standby button until you see the on-screen message.

    Press again to wake it up again.

    Have a look at the 101 lectures in my sig and at 101 Demonstrator for the BlackBerry 8310™ Smartphone.

    If the button does not do what it should then return your phone and get a replacement.
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    09-27-08 12:26 PM