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    Hi, I just released my first BB app on the crackberry app store. Please have a look. The main feature I like is the ability to use playlists as alarms tones. It also has a weather feature that show 4 days weather conditions


    Here are the descriptions:

    Tired of waking up every morning to the same tone? Musical clock allows you to set your playlist for alarms. Multiple alarms supported.

    This application only runs on devices with 5.0 OS and above. It does not support older OS. Pearl and Style are not supported due to graphics.

    ~~~ Clock ~~~
    - Gorgeous color LED clocks: Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink
    - Landscape and horizontal modes(for Storm and Torch)
    - 12 or 24 hour format

    ~~~ Alarms ~~~
    Use your favorite songs instead of just playing a single song for alarms. (Blackberry build-in songs and ringtones may not work because they are not playable by 3rd party apps.)
    Build-in tones
    Customizable snooze timer
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    any trial version so i could try the app?
    01-24-11 02:36 AM