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    there must be something I don't understand, I did read every post about music and bluetooth, but so far it doesn't help me at all. So let me explain what's going on.

    I have a car mp3 player bluetooth fm kit, a2dp compatible and bluetooth 2.0, also with stereo emission technology (something like this Car MP3 Player Bluetooth FM Transmitter Stereo-transmit on eBay.ca (item 250588147563 end time 28-Apr-10 12:06:27 EDT))

    I'm able to use the handset to incoming and outgoing call, but I can't manage to get the official media player working with it. I'm able to listen to music using unsynched media player (3rd party apps) but I think it still use the regular 10kbit/s that voice is using (which is better than nothing).

    Anyway, everyone were saying that we need an A2DP device, with stereo emmission, but it does not work at all (unless I'm missing some step). Some friend of mine were saying that I need to pair my device twice ? not sure why but I will try that when I'm going back home (in approx 45 min)

    My os is 5.0.509.
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    When you are in your car and connected to your bluetooth device, through which you said you can make calls. On your BB go to wireless connections>bluetooth options. Your device should be listed there. Highlight your bluetooth device and prerss the menu key for more options, here select device options, you will see a list of services, you should see stereo device if it supports A2DP.

    Also you can make the device trusted on the same page. Then connect to the device from the bluetooth options if it gets disconnected. You should see a notification once connected with a list of the services enabled.

    Play music from your player and while playing press the BB menu key while on the player, select activate XXXXX (replace the XXXXX with the device name which will appear here) Hope this works for you. Get back if you can't get it to work, I'll type more detailed explanation when on a PC next time.
    04-14-10 01:29 AM