1. Slammer50's Avatar
    I copied several MP3 files to my Blackberry from my computer using the USB cable. When I try to play some of them from my Blackberry I receive a message that there is an error reading the file. This happens on less that 15% of the MP3 files. Some songs from a CD will play while others have the error message.

    With the Blackberry connected to my computer by the USB cable, I can play the file thru the computer. It does not appear there is an error in the MP3 file or a problem with the memory card (I have tried two of them).

    Anyone have a suggestion?
    05-15-08 12:31 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    If the files are protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management) they will not play on your BB.

    You can check this on your PC by going to explore, navigating to the song, right click on the song, click properties and then the summary tab.
    05-15-08 12:39 PM