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    k - recent transfer from an Android phone to BB Style. I used to be a BB user, but strayed - I may need to stray back to Android if I can't get my BB to do what I need w/o me doing too many things behind the scenes --

    Here are my three issues with the BB Style. The first two I see as important to solve in order to stick with the BB . . .

    #1 - I have 2 email accounts that I need to sync with BB - simple with new BIS; however, if I sync with the 2 email accounts' contacts and if I have the same person in both of my email accounts (ie, my wife is in both my work email contacts list and my personal email contacts list) then the BB pulls in duplicate contacts. Android has a "link" feature where if the names are the same then it asks if it can link the two contacts. If you let it link the two contacts then you will only see one contact in the phone (with the combined info from both email account's contact list). Is there a similar feature in BB that I just have not been able to find yet? I have found something similar to this in the mesenger app, but not within contacts . . .

    #2 - On the Android I used to sync with multiple shared calendars in addition to my 2 email account's calendar. The 2 email account's calendar come in flawlessly - but the only way to bring in the shared calendars is to bring in "read only" copies via Google Sync. Additionally, if I have Google sync bring in the shared calendars and BIS bring in the 2 email account's calendars then the BB gets confused and moves the shared calendars to one of my email account calendars. Uggh . . . One solution I can see is if I open several additional gmail accounts that can "own" the shared calendars and then bring them in under BIS (ei, get rid of Google sync). This solves my problem on shared calendars if I am the "owner" of the shared calendars - but if I don't own the shared calendars then I still need to use Google sync and then my issue continues . . . This also basically means none of the others who use the shared calendars I own can also be on BB's unless they want to also sync to the new shared gmail accounts or be on Google Sync vs BIS.

    #3 - K - this one is not a deal killer, but I miss the web browsing from my Android. I feel like I am back to the days of being with my old BB Curve where I realistically just don't use the browser because it is slooowwww and the pan in/out is a bit lacking. I guess my days of jumping to wikipedia for quick questions are probably gone if I stick with the Style . . . Any good options that may fix this issue?

    Thank you !!
    12-04-10 04:19 PM