1. conker's Avatar
    The Enhanced GMail plugin works great for those of us who want to sync email and a calendar onto their BlackBerry. However, many of us have more than one calendar associated with a single Google/GMail account. I am pretty sure BlackBerry does not support this, and the only way to see these actual calendars would be to create a google account for each one - which is really lame - but I just wanted to confirm.

    Here is a post where the same issue is brought up.

    Syncing multiple Google calendars on BlackBerry - Gmail Help

    RIM - get your act together!
    01-04-12 11:37 PM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    If you use Google Sync you can sync multiple calendars. Open G Sync, go to Options, scroll to the bottom where it says Sync these Calendars. Click on your calendar there and it opens a new page showing all calendars associated with your Gmail account. Just check any box you wish to include in your sync.
    01-05-12 06:04 AM