1. greggebhardt's Avatar
    On my 9780, I somehow have calendar entries under 2 different calendars. I want all of my calendar entries to be under just one. Is there some way to move ALL my entries under just one calendar like "default".

    How do I make sure all future entries are also under default?

    Help please
    01-25-11 04:32 PM
  2. JREwing's Avatar
    Facebook really fouled up my calendar. If you have FB, go in and uncheck the calendar sync. I also have a MobileMe calendar, and I unchecked it too since it was giving me duplicate entries.
    I use Google Calendar exclusively, which is my default.
    01-25-11 04:52 PM
  3. greggebhardt's Avatar
    No Facebook here, but thanks for the warning.
    01-25-11 04:53 PM
  4. 2ndHalfCor's Avatar
    My problem is with invites. If I accept an invite on my work email, it goes to the associated calendar. If I accept an invite on my Gmail account, it goes to that calendar, and if I accept an invite on my Yahoo account, it goes to that calendar. Sheesh! Maybe there is a way to accept on a different calendar from the account it comes in on.
    01-25-11 06:13 PM