1. mrbquick's Avatar
    Hey there all,

    does anyone know how can i download msn messenger for curve 8300 on AT&T plan.
    05-01-08 10:22 AM
  2. Adlen's Avatar
    www.blackberry.com/livemessenger/ from your BB. I recommend JiveTalk.
    05-01-08 11:04 AM
  3. Timewalk's Avatar
    Me too, go for JiveTalk..
    05-01-08 11:07 AM
  4. _T_'s Avatar
    Definitely JiveTalk. The trial version is good for 30 days...

    "Works with multiple IM networks, multiple accounts per network: AIM/iChat, MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, ICQ, Jabber, and MySpace IM."

    BeeJive :: JiveTalk mobile messenger - instant messaging to go
    05-01-08 12:40 PM
  5. km2783's Avatar
    Users on AT&T can't download Live Messenger from the blackbery site. It says their phone isn't supported. God I hate my company. They want you to pay to use the MSN app they have via MediaNet, I believe. It works just fine on my T-Mobile Curve.

    However, i concur with everyone that JiveTalk is awesome And if you should need their tech support, they respond very quickly.
    05-14-08 01:10 PM