1. leo-king95's Avatar
    Well, I wanted to find a faster browser for my curve. So I ended up downloading opera mini, this was automatically in my dowlnloads folder. How can I move it to like the full menu?

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    03-13-10 03:27 AM
  2. Username5300's Avatar
    Go to the browser icon in the download folder and click the menu button then select move to folder and select home, or where ever you want to place it.
    03-13-10 04:53 AM
  3. leo-king95's Avatar
    okay cheers, any comments on using opera mini, does seem to sap my mg internet rather alot.
    03-13-10 05:01 AM
  4. Username5300's Avatar
    nope I dont use mini opera sorry. I also posted in your Bbm thread.
    03-13-10 05:02 AM
  5. leo-king95's Avatar
    okay thanks, do you just use the standard browser?
    03-13-10 05:20 AM
  6. Username5300's Avatar
    yes when I use the browser that what I use.
    03-13-10 05:22 AM
  7. Username5300's Avatar
    I have a 9700 3G
    03-13-10 05:22 AM
  8. leo-king95's Avatar
    doesn't mean much to me to be honest sorry,
    03-13-10 05:24 AM
  9. Username5300's Avatar
    doesn't mean much to me to be honest sorry,
    Wasn't trying to be a **** I was just saying that is why I use the bb browser.
    03-13-10 05:28 AM
  10. leo-king95's Avatar
    hahaha, but i don't understand why that makes you use bb browser? does that only cover 3g and others dont or something/
    03-13-10 05:35 AM