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    I live in Canada and one of the features I have come to enjoy with the new BlackBerry World on my Z10 is the ability to rent/purchase tv shows and movies. Sure the content selection could use some improvement but combined with the HDMI output, it has proven to be a great way to enjoy all this phone has to offer (and of course show it off to my friends) .

    I'm currently on a trip to the UK and upon my arrival I was shocked that the 'movies' and 'tv shows' options in my BlackBerry World menu have disappeared. I can only assume it is because they are not available in the UK... Considering the UK is one of the few countries left with strong BlackBerry support I am amazed that such a great feature of the new BlackBerry World and BB 10 phones hasn't been rolled out here. It got me wondering... exactly which countries are the BlackBerry World movie/tv show rental/purchase options currently available in? Have there been any recent announcements by the company in regards to timelines for the introduction of this service into other countries?? I have to say that this seems to highlight one of the latest problems with BlackBerry... a great idea that is followed up by a patchy rollout across the globe and then is seemingly dropped for the next great idea as time goes by....
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    07-04-13 06:10 AM
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    Well they aren't available in Australia. One of the first things I looked for, but it never appeared. I've loaded Crackle, and it seems to have a good selection of movies.

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    07-04-13 11:05 AM

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