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    Just an idea. I know more than a few own more than one smart phone an I think it's a great idea.

    What if rim gave anyone with an Os 7 phone the option to purchase another at cost or steep discount.

    Could they lock these to your current pin So you can't resell it and canabalize other sales?

    I have the 9860, but would love to have also a 9900 to switch with. I'm sure there are others that would like another BB to switch out.

    I think this could be a boost to move inventory.

    Btw I'd still move up to BB10 when that happens.
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    04-17-12 03:41 PM
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    The carriers do b1g1 free many times a year. You do have to sign contract with an ETF. Not sure how much it boosts sales
    04-17-12 03:45 PM