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    Hello everyone,
    I bought the Motorola S9 on a friend's reccomendation (needless to say, this is the last time I ever take his advice). After getting an explanation on why the headset wont work with my pearl (A2DP support or whatever), I thought to myself 'at least I can use this for my computer'... NOT. I am unable to add the s9 device (my VISTA computer can't find the headphones when they are in pairing mode). What should I do, or does anyone know how to fix this?
    04-06-08 01:53 PM
  2. mattgibstein's Avatar
    bump... Anyone know how to make this work?
    04-16-08 06:04 PM
  3. Strontium's Avatar
    Not sure on the A2DP issue. A work-around for the PC problem might be to get a USB BT adapter that comes with Vista compliant software. I use the Class I adapter, at the bottom of this page:

    Zoom Telephonics: Bluetooth Wireless Products

    The software works great, in XP. The data sheet just says 'Windows OS'. So, I have no idea if it would work in Vista.

    Cost me $25, at Microcenter.
    04-16-08 06:15 PM
  4. mattgibstein's Avatar
    But it should work... I have used several bluetooth products with my bluetooth capable laptop. What's the deal? So fed up!!
    04-16-08 10:07 PM
  5. gemini_4_life's Avatar
    Boy, AM am glad Sprint has a 30 day return policy!
    04-16-08 10:15 PM
  6. macnkat's Avatar
    I'm using the S9 with my 8130.

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    04-21-08 10:21 AM
  7. colino16's Avatar
    The s9 was working great with my 8130 but then it stopped streaming music after one week of use, but still worked for voice calls. I got a replacement headset and it still doesn't work. Any idea what went wrong?
    04-28-08 11:47 AM
  8. macnkat's Avatar
    I know this is the standard answer but you need to do a battery pull. When it resets it will see it again.

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    04-28-08 11:52 AM
  9. ChiefT's Avatar
    I have the S9 wit vista and an 8310. Worked from the gitgo with the 8310. I had to get a new USB BT device from Jabra (A320) to get it to work Vista. All works well now.
    04-28-08 01:47 PM