1. lush242000's Avatar
    I picked up a headset today at Office depot for $39 with a $35 mail in rebate, so once I get the check back, it will only have cost me $4. This was the first bluetooth headset I have ever purchased or used. For $4 I am not going to be that picky. I find that this headset is quite loose on my ear. I wear glasses and that may have something to do with it. I only plan to use the headset while driving. I would like to find a smaller one that fits nice and snug to your ear even if you wear glasses. Anyone have experience as a glass wearing bluetooth using driver? Do you have a headset you would suggest using?
    03-14-08 05:48 PM
  2. Blacklatino's Avatar
    I've had at least 8 different BT head sets and I wear glasses. I would suggest looking head sets that have adjustable over-the-ear piece with an insert that will fit snug in your ear for better reception: Moto R12 head set, the aliph jawbone head set, also Plantronics 655. Check the BT Reviews here on the "Crack" or CNET. After your research, it will depend on your preference and how much you're willing to spend. Good Luck

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    03-14-08 06:15 PM
  3. cdjones7's Avatar
    the motorola h9 fits into your ear canal. sound quality and volume are good. noise canceling is so-so. talk time is only 1.5 hours, but the h9 comes with a portable charger. the portable charger contains it's own rechargable battery and will top off the h9 during the day when you need it. drawbacks are only that it kind of expensive, and small enough to be easy to lose.
    03-15-08 06:23 AM
  4. surfcitybum's Avatar
    I do a lot of driving and I use the Blue Ant Supertooth Light (clips on the visor) and it works GREAT. In the office, I use the Motorola H700 and it's very comfortable with glasses.
    03-15-08 11:49 PM