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    I'm looking for comfort with no compromise. Consequently, could you please not go into sound quality or background noise

    Following a tip from this forum, I bought the Samsung WEP410 and it is brilliant. I have used it for at least 12 months with no complaints. I'll wear it and even forget its there - I have even run to catch a bus and not realised I'm still wearing the tiny item without a clip.

    A relative asked me to bring them a handsfree kit and I wrongly assumed that Samsung-designs followed a common theme. Consequently I bought them a WEP185 and it turned out to share none of the design features. For example, the eargell is simply too big and the earpiece can be worn only by letting it hang from inside the ear in a precarious fashion.

    So before I throw this away and buy another WEP410, could you please suggest really comfortable alternatives?

    Thank you
    04-07-10 03:49 PM
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    Humn, does anyone know if the WEP300 or other model shares the WEP410 design?
    04-07-10 04:27 PM