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    Mobile phones thru the years.-img_20140426_093917_hdr.jpg

    I just would like to share the ongoing trend on the cellphones. Previously Nokia, erickson was dominating the phone market before, those apples and blackberries, samsung was not even considered in the market before. Our whole family (6 persons) changed to blackberries when bold 9700 onwards was launched, at that times blackberry was far superior than other phones. We were on blackberries for quite a long time and even purchased blackberry 10's. However, the younger generation my sister and my brother opted to switch to samsung s4 and note 3 since this would further suit their needs. The younger generation now prefers iphones and samsung than blackberries.

    Having said, i think blackberry has something to do with this younger generation, if not they might become the old nokias and ericksons.

    i must say that blackberry os is far superior than androids only the ios can be up to par with bb10 os. Only thing i like about samsung is their hd screens.

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    04-26-14 01:11 AM
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    Cool collection! I will move you however to the general discussion.
    04-26-14 01:43 AM
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    Thanks, just would like to add taken from my z30. :,)

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    04-26-14 01:45 AM

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