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    I just went to a mobile phone website on my blackberry with UMA enabled and got the following result:

    speed 4697 kbps

    is that a good result?

    the website is the folowing: iPhone speedtest

    On the results page it shows also the average is 130 kbit/sec and unless I am misunderstanding something my speed seems a good deal faster. This website is primarily designed to test iphones but is good for all smartphones.

    Any clarification would be appreciated.
    05-27-08 07:56 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    speed 4697 kbps ...
    That is nearly 5 Mb per second, pretty quick by cell phone standards.

    I get a "sorry, requires javascript" error with the Hotspot Browser.
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    05-27-08 05:42 PM
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    Thanks, Stoner

    I thought that was the case. I am quite happy with my 8320. This should contradict the video which shows wifi slower than edge.

    Another thing I noticed is that I changed my phone to wifi only to check and see if I could still use all the apps and I could. Gmail works, all my messenger services work, browser works. I see no difference. Of course I do have an unlimited data plan and I cant sit by my router all day so I turned it back to wifi preferred.
    05-28-08 06:34 AM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    This should contradict the video which shows wifi slower than edge.
    Wifi is much faster then any of the cell standards, including 3G.

    EDGE (type 1 MS) 236.8 kbit/s 29.6 kB/s

    EDGE (type 2 MS) 473.6 kbit/s 59.2 kB/s

    EDGE Evolution (type 1 MS) 1184/474 bit/s 148/59 kB/s

    EDGE Evolution (type 2 MS) downstream 1894/947 kbit/s 237/118 kB/s

    802.11g OFDM 0.125 54.0 Mbit/s 6.75 MB/s
    The first number are maximum values, the second is typical performance.

    Note that typical Wifi preformance is measured in Mb, a thousand times more then Kb.
    05-28-08 11:01 AM
  5. raylol16's Avatar
    How can wifi even possibly be slower than edge even old wifi tech like 802.11b is 10mbps would prob give actually throughput of 2mb. Comparing a cellular network against a broadband network is like comparing a bike to a sports car.
    05-29-08 03:41 PM
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    With WIFI

    03-04-12 12:56 PM