1. staceyx1989's Avatar
    What is a really good network to go with ?. I'm already with vodafone but it is kinda letting me down. Only thing I'm not complaining about is the free bbm and internet for 8months.

    Ideas thanks !x

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    01-02-11 08:58 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    No one can answer that question for you. The network that works great for me in Central Florida may have no coverage where you live and work. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Find out what they use. If your neighbors are satisfied with their coverage, you might try their carrier first. Take advantage of the 30-day cancellation option. You are on the right track though, to emphasize the network over the phone. Too many people buy phones and find they don't work well where they use them. The fanciest phone that can't hit a tower is worse than useless.
    01-02-11 09:24 PM