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    I spent a good 5-10 minutes figuring which forum this should go in, so I settled on this one.

    Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm looking for ways that I can have a plain mobile format forum for my phone and a normal forum for my desktop. Or just something that I can use to share information so I don't have emails floating everywhere. xD

    Given the fact that I work with people that travel around, taking the time to zoom in while images load and scrolling around the screen just to reply is very frustrating in pressing situations. And not all of us use a blackberry, otherwise I'd have used BBM's capabilities.

    I understand VBulletin has some modules that do this, but it's a little outta the pricerange for what we simply want to do.

    Thanks guys! Again, if this is in the wrong forum, I apologize, I just couldn't really find the right fit.
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    08-20-10 06:09 PM
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    There are open source forum software packages available.

    Never used them myself, don't operate a forum, but good luck, they're easy to find using google.

    Just thought I would add my 2 c's. Besides, why deal with copyrighted or unlicensed software.

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    08-20-10 06:19 PM
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    BerryBlan is great vBulletin BlackBerry App | BerryBlab.com

    I use it all the time.
    08-20-10 06:31 PM
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    I appreciate the input guys, I found just restyling a theme to fit the smaller dimensions of a mobile phone works great!

    Much appreciated.
    08-20-10 09:12 PM