1. jlh73's Avatar
    When I get an mms which has audio or an all audio clip why does it always cut it off. It doesnt fullly play it all. Me and my wife use at&t and she uses a cheaper messageing phone. When we both get the same message her phone will always play the whole audio bit but mine seems to stop about 75 % into the audio. Is there any settings I can adjust. Thanks
    05-07-10 05:20 PM
  2. Stogies's Avatar
    I was just going thru MMS problems with AT&T and one of the questions the tech asked was if I was exceeding the 600k limit for MMS on BB devices. Check the file sizes and try it with a file smaller than 600k and see what happens. Perhaps your wifes phone doesn't have that limitation.
    05-08-10 10:16 AM