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    I'm still new to BB, so I'm learning. When I had my Motorola Rokr, I was able to send small clips and ringtones with no issues, and at that time my carrier was MetroPCS. With my BB(Boost) it takes me at lest 7 to ten minutes to send a thirty second. ringtone to my daughter. At times the hour glass really feels like an HOUR. I thought it was the memory but my rokr has only 14MB n was a feature phone. Then I thought it was my coverage, but my bars are at attention. Anyone have a similar issue or solution, let mme know thanks!

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    08-04-10 07:27 PM
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    I have a Boost 8330 and have had no negative experiences. The first thing to check is how many apps you have running in the background. Press and hold the menu(bb) key. There should only be 4 or 5. Messages, Home, Phone, Browser and BBm. These cannot be fully closed and are idle in the background. Any others should be closed using Menu/Close or Menu/Shut down, not the back(escape) key. How much File Free Memory do you have?
    Have you tried a battery pull yet?
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    08-04-10 08:46 PM
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    @allbee 1hey, thanks for the feedback on this issue. Ive gone from 7-10 min to a little over 2min. checked memeory(9.2mb) deleted buggy opera, did a soft restart(20.2)and tried it. I thought it all came down to the processing power, but i guess its all intergrated. Thank you
    08-05-10 04:29 PM
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    Hi Verta, glad I could help. The bigger the file the longer it will take. And depending on the area you are sending from, you may have to resend. My Curve was at 20.2 about 2 months ago until I followed the instructions in the link I am including. I am now at almost 32mb at fresh boot. Read the tutorial and use Maxmem with caution. Also don't delete any themes that came with your bb. 3rd party themes use stock themes for a template to function. If you need any assistance with the procedure feel free to PM me. Happy hunting!


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    08-05-10 04:50 PM