1. JOEY NEAT's Avatar
    I am new to this site and recently purchased an ATT BB 8310! The last BB I had was the blue Nextel about 6 years ago, if not longer! Anyway, I have a MMS question. A friend of mine who is also on AT&T but not a BB, sends me MMS a few times a week, when it arrives on my BB the message area is blank, if I foward the MMS to myself it shows up with no problem! Anyone have any idea why I need to foward it for it to be visible. I hope I explained myself alright! Thanks!
    04-08-08 10:23 AM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    What type of MMS? Are you forwarding via email or? What type of phone does your friend have?
    04-08-08 10:52 AM
  3. JOEY NEAT's Avatar
    They are MMS's with photo's and sound, some are GIF's. His phone is a Sony, its a media player type phone.
    04-08-08 01:27 PM