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    BB started acting up last night, so after reloading OS and putting my apps back on, I start up MiuTunes and was greeted with a version 2.0.5 RC. Tried searching this forum to see if it was old news that I missed but didn't come up with anything. No patch notes or anything that I can find either.

    edit... found info. was release Friday, May 23.

    We are pleased to announce the release of MiuTunes version 2.0.5 RC. This release includes the following changes:
    * Fixed NullPointerException error when playing music in Artists/<Artist>/All Albums.
    * Changes of shortcut keys. We restore back to the old shortcut keys (next/previous track) due to popular demand. You can now press ENTER to move the next track and press DEL to move the previous track.
    * MiuTunes startup speed has been improved. You will notice this if you have a big music collection.

    Existing 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 users, please take note:
    If you have problem to launch MiuTunes, you need to do one additional step to rectify the problem, i.e. to remove the MiuTunes library file manually (//MEDIACARD/MiuTunes/tunes.db).
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    05-25-08 01:24 PM
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    Tried it and have a issue getting music to play from the headphone jack.. You can select it in the options but it will not enable the jack.. I emailed the company to let them know that perhaps they should test on the vzw 8330
    05-25-08 03:41 PM
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    If you guys are going to be a part of the beta test, you should really read/post on the beta forum. You'll find that is where all this stuff is being discussed with the developers.
    05-25-08 04:20 PM