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    I am using Blackberry OS

    I am going to criticize a few unfriendly and awkward functions i get a gripe with every day. There are more to mention but these 2 affect me the most as i have a long list of clients that i update on a daily basis. Please let me know if there is a workaround, like using shortcuts or anything like that that i am not seeing. Thank you.

    1. Start typing a name to find a contact straight from the home screen.
    I see the contact and now i launch the options menu for that contact and there is no "Edit" or "View" in the options. Instead, i have to open the contacts application to add a number to that contact or view it on google maps.
    But... if the contact is listed in the recent calls, i have the "View" option (Edit is still missing). Notice that both scenarios are in the "Call log" module of the OS, so why the differences? I know that if i hold the send button for a second i will launch the contacts with all the options, but it is inconvenient because i found myself looking at the contact in the call log all the time or typing the name from the home screen and then realizing that is not going to work like that.

    2. Someone you know calls from "Home", but you do not have that number in your contact list, you Do have him in your contacts by his "Mobile" number instead.
    So after you end the call, you want to save the new number into that contact.
    Now if you launch the menu for that number in the call log, there is an option "Add to contacts", but if you do this, you are creating a new contact instead of having the option to "add to an existing one". Why there isn't an option for something so basic like this?
    Instead, i have to select the "copy xxxxxxxxx" option, get out of the recent calls menu, launch the contacts, search for that contact, click edit and paste the new number? Come on! This cellphone was more user friendly than that: http://www.eightiesonline.com/wp-con...phone_full.jpg
    11-17-10 09:46 AM
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    Dont know what to tell you, thats the way it works.

    The contact list/address book is the brain of all the functionality for contacts. And only in there can you edit as you please.

    Some 3rd party apps let you do some of the things in your rant, but other than that... thats the functionality of the BB.

    I have no issues with it, and you get used to it.
    I actually like it.

    I am just taking a stab in the dark, but it might be the way it has to be created for module purposes and for syncing with so many different address books and programs.

    Also I think some of the functionality issues were addressed in OS6.

    and feel free to use HTML to encode an image like this
    11-17-10 09:50 AM
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    I think is was set up that way originally like Fubaz said as the foundation of all the other related functions. It also prevents unintentional editing or erasing of numbers being used. That way we have to consciously open our Contacts, then access the edit feature. Making sure contacts numbers are labeled correctly makes it a little less inconvenient to copy and paste. By default all numbers added to your contacts on the fly are saved to W(work) labels. I'm sure there are 3rd party apps that offer more. Good luck.

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