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    Hello guys,today was my lucky day!

    It all started when my brother kicked the ball and broke the window xD luckily , no body was hurt. We all leave our mobile in one table while sitting in case water fell in our pants and like that (you know .. Kids and their minds..) Right after my brother kicked the ball at the window , pieces of glasses came on the dinner. After like 10 mins my father came and saw what happened , at that moment he took his iphone and threw it at his face , and then my 9800 torch (WHY MEEEH!!!) And it broken into pieces (not really) and I've took my father and spoke to him privately until things gone good. I've took both the mobiles and put them back together. The iphone worked but the screen had a very little damage on the screen ( little !!!) And when I put back my blackberry battery BANG it worked but the end call , back , and blackberry button pad fell fown but it just need a glue or something but the screen was like 100000000% clean and battery is good and no overheating in both of the phones ... And that's it keep it up RIM your phones are amazing !


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    03-31-12 10:23 AM
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    For some reason, I liked this story.
    03-31-12 10:28 AM
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    True story
    03-31-12 10:58 AM
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    Threw the phone at your brother. Ouch.

    Umm reminds me of my two story fall of my 9860. Had to replace the screen saver and all was good again.

    Magic phones.

    Off topic:

    My glasses fell down 3 stories and didn't break.

    I don't know I am magically powerful.

    Maybe I can throw my phone off burj khalifa and see if it survives.

    (I will never throw a BB. Maybe a new ipad)

    Ok this is sounding silly.

    Nice to hear another good blackberry story.

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    03-31-12 11:04 AM
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    Funny story lol
    Yeah these phones are tough.the Curve 8530 is one of the toughest phones. My Torch has been dropped from a moving car and from a second Floor with no case and besides a few scratches the phone looks good.
    03-31-12 11:18 AM
  6. T
    What a crazy story, but I'm glad the BlackBerry is for the most part okay.
    03-31-12 01:41 PM