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  1. EndRacism's Avatar
    I've come across another Social Media App called: Minds.com and I've downloaded it from Amazon and Google Play.

    I've got Cobalt installed on my Passport SE and the App operates without problems.

    There is a rough tutorial on youtube for Minds.com and you can also find a few reviews if you do a Search on Google.

    It is in Beta, with Encrypted Messaging and a fantastic Privacy policy which is what we BB'rs might want.

    So, anyway, another App for BlackBerry OS10 and a replacement for fb?
    05-23-17 03:07 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    That site has so much going on with it, I'm not even sure what it is they're wanting me to install/use. The whole 'go viral and expand your reach' and talk of points and views and money and paid subscriptions and peer-to-peer boost, it's like some half-built wesbite with a bunch of ideas thrown on it? What the heck is this? You sure this isn't some cult you've signed up for? lol.
    05-23-17 11:39 PM
  3. EndRacism's Avatar
    Mind.com is in Beta currently. You make a post just like fb. Each activity you normally perform earns you a credit. If you want to promo or boost viewer ship to a post you can use the credits. This will put your post out there for non contacts or just your contacts to see. I'll say this that the posts that come through I've learned more in one day from un-associated posters than I have in many years on fb. You can choose 'interests' and if you like cooking then those types of posts you can have on your 'Wall'. I guess the main point is to take control over what you post, you can actually copy write post contents where in fb everything you post you give away your rights to control forever to fb and it's business partners. I've only been on it three days. It's not a fb clone to be sure and some terminology needs to learned. Pretty much uncensored too. But your correct there is a lot to learn because it is much more than a place to post cat meows but if that's someone's thing they post all the cute kitties they want!
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    05-24-17 07:01 AM

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