05-22-09 12:49 PM
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  1. yossefpinto's Avatar
    is bbm gonna work ???
    03-19-09 11:18 AM
  2. jonduran86's Avatar
    $50 unlimited voice/text/BIS?!?!?!?

    that's way to expensive for me...

    for $30 a month i get:

    Unlimited M2M
    Unlimited N&W
    Unlimited Text
    Unlimited MMS
    Unlimited BIS
    and AT&T Nav for $3.50


    i'm also from Miami.... Metro PCS has been around since late 2001... first couple of years they were just horrible... as the years past they have vastly improved there network here... call quality can easily compete with T-Mobile or Sprint....

    but like Slick305 said.... we call it the "refey" plan.. because most of the people that have Metro are fresh-off-the-boat Cubans who spend 99.9% of there time right here in Miami...

    with the economy the way it is... and considering that English is the 2nd language here.... i can see this having a big impact in Miami..
    Thats what I'm saying that maybe it was a good move, well at least around here in Miami. lol I didn't want to necessarily call out the Cubans in case someone got offended. I have a friend that wanted to buy my Curve as soon as I told him that Metro offers the Curve. He called Metro but they said that it wouldn't work, even if its unlocked. I'm selling it for more than half as what they are so that's why he wanted to jump on it. I told him to get onto a better carrier to get the phone. lol oh well
    03-19-09 12:23 PM
  3. Fiasco's Avatar
    I've never had them & they don't provision many tower contracts, so all I know is what a few people have told me. Generally I've heard their customer service is above that of Cricket, but below VZW or even Helio.

    Helio is one that is very good - no BlackBerrys though. Just a very nice high-end dumbphone.

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    Don't get me started on Helio... Virgin should have let helio die out.

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    03-20-09 12:16 AM
  4. outllaw's Avatar
    Hello everyone I just registered.

    I see ALOT of hating on MetroPCS and I don't blame anyone for it.
    I've had Metro for about 4 years now and at the beginning it was horrible but the pricing was always spot on.

    Well I ponied up the $481 after taxes and decided to give their Blackberry a shot. I upgraded from a Motorola z6m and never had any issues with that phone or my V3S prior to it except for one thing. Metro likes to gum up their operating systems with branding and changed natively java phones into BREW. That coupled with fragging the ability to use as a usb modem and crappy slow data speed lol.


    This is an entirely different ballgame. They haven't TOUCHED the Curve. Aside from the MetroPCS splash logo everything seems stock. It runs apps, downloads themes, bb messenger and email all work flawlessly and i can tether it as a usb modem without a question. It is limited to 1x but on a smartphone pages still load damn near instantly. This is a major turn around for metro in my opinion. I've never had a Blackberry but I am glad i got this one, yea the $450 was steep but you always pay full price for Metro phones. What I like is the fact that with all features added my bill comes to $65.08 a month and that number dosent change. I use the **** out of my data service and when looking at other carriers I am saving a boatload of money.

    As far as signal goes I've never in the past year had a problem with No service or dropped calls and I live in Gibsonton FL (pretty far in the styx). I'm in the Tampa Bay coverage area and this phone hasn't dropped below 2 bars since i've gotten it.

    I do see this as a major push on some of the bigger companies becasue the month to month saving for unlimited is there... but it's only worth it IF you would push the limits of other carriers plans.
    03-24-09 04:14 PM
  5. tommyGunner's Avatar
    I live in Detroit - one of the older and larger MetroPCS coverage areas - and have never had any problems with MetroPCS. Unlimited everything on 4 phones for only $124 after taxes & fees. I've never had a dropped call, and the coverage area in Michigan is so large I never have to use "travel talk". Even on recent trips to Pittsburgh and Cleveland I had coverage the entire way there. It seems like a lot of the major cities and highways are covered and they're expanding, also there are some rumors they may be upgrading to LTE in 2010. Recently though I've been looking into getting a smartphone and was going to go with Verizon, but now that I've found out about this I've decided to look into it. However, I haven't been able to find anybody that's actually used it. I'd gladly pay $450 for a two year old BB if it means I save about $700/year with no contract and unlimited everything. Data, messaging, voice, GPS etc. I see Outllaw has had a good experience with this so far, anybody else use it? Particularly in the southeastern Michigan area? How is the data speed? How do the features compare to the big guys? Relative to the cost of course.
    04-30-09 03:41 PM
  6. vampire47's Avatar
    i just got my blackberry 2 days ago.. its metro and i love it! it has everything other carriers offer.. i had metro pcs since i was 16, when i was 18 i got a sidekick lx from t-mobile and i had to pay a lot more almost 500 for da phone with a one year contract.. and almost 85 bucks a month!!! so i got off the contract and went back with metro... and had it since then love metro and blackberry is the best phone ever
    05-22-09 12:49 PM
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