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    I got my new BB (9700) a couple of days ago and everything was working fine till I clicked 'I accept' on the BIS prompt thrown up by the Gmail integration app downloaded from App World. I already had BES running for my office emails.

    This gave rise to the foll. problems:

    A new folder, Desktop, was added to my screen and all Gmail + office emails started flowing to this folder. In addition to this, my office email also went to the 'Messages' folder.

    Now I don't want Gmail in a separate folder. I have an app for that which is also getting populated simultaenously.

    So I have folder with only office emails, an app for Gmail AND a folder which has both. It is the last one I want to get rid off and not just by hiding it. I want the service switched off. Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. The Desktop folder also has a globe in the lower half of the envelope icon. This doesn't glow gloden or any other colour, it's white. This was never there before.

    I have asked my office tech support to send me a new BES password and used that after doing a wipe of all emails & user installed apps but the problem remains. I have deleted the Gmail CMIME but no joy. What next kind hearted people? Save me from this!
    01-15-10 10:50 PM