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    I know threads related to this topic come up all the time and are memory related 99.9% of the time. So to start this out I'll let everyone know that I reboot my BB once a week and check the file free every day and it never goes below about 30MB. The only other time I have observed something similar was with a bug on the 4.3 OS version that ships on the 8330. That bug was in the keep messages setting. It was treating keep forever setting as if it were keep 30 days and the keep for 30 days as if it were keep forever.

    Now to the current issue. I occasionally will check my message log and go to the very bottom of the list. I happened to do this today to notice about 4 days got deleted from the logs. The last day in the log was june 4th and now it is june 8th. Odd thing is this doesn't coincide with any of the keep message durations so I don't think it is exactly the same issue as before with the keep forever setting. However because I use the keep forever setting it may very well be a bug or glitch related to that particular choice of the settings or the setting in general.

    Has anyone else observed this particular behavior that is confirmed to not be the typical loss of logs due to a low memory situation? I'm hoping someone may have some info or something. It's not a huge issue as these lost items are contained within backups but like the last bug I mentioned its a bit annoying that I have set it to keep forever because I want control over what gets deleted and when. So I expect it to function the way I configure it.

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    09-28-08 02:14 AM
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    Haven't had this issue. I would try a complete wipe with JL_CMDER. Then re-install the OS and your back-up.
    09-28-08 02:37 AM
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    Also, congrats on 'Master'
    09-28-08 02:38 AM
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    Hm if the only solution is a wipe and reinstall then I'll wait for the official sprint release of 4.5. I'll watch to see if more messages get deleted. I've had this install on here for over a month with no other issues and this is the 1st time for this particular thing. I'll report back if more log gets deleted.

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    09-28-08 09:09 AM