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    I tried searching but could not find answers to my two questions and apologize if I missed them.

    I have a Verizon Curve with 4.3 software.

    1) I have messages list options to hide sent messages. If I want to view them I use the ALT-O option. However this shows not only sent messages but every call I placed. I have in the Phone app under Call Logging options set to NONE. Seeing calls I made makes no sense. Any way to not have these show?

    2) I use BIS for email. I like the idea of keeping messages for 15 days and then have them automatically removed from the Curve. If I need to find older messages I can find them other ways but 2 weeks of messages on the device is good (I delete messages I would have no use for so I don't eat up too much memory). However there doesn't seem to be any way to hide read messages. If I select the Hide Filed messages in the message list options, it doesn't seem to do anything as I have no option to actually File a message but maybe that doesn't work with BIS. Saving a message doesn't seem to do anything except give me the option of just filtering them out but they always show in the list. So is there any way to hide read messages and they will automatically be removed from the device based on the setting I have in how long to keep them? I know there are various search capabilities but I would rather hide them if they are read. And if I do Save a message, will that override the setting of 15 days in my case and keep them for ever?

    Hopefully I've just missed finding some options to set to solve these two questions

    Thank you,

    09-22-08 04:38 PM
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    1. no. alt+i and alt+o access your all incoming and all outgoing lists. they arent limited to messages, email, text or otherwise. ALL incoming and outgoing.

    2. in your email options, choose "hide saved messages". choose to save a message and it will disappear from your inbox. and yes, if you choose to save, it will not automatically get culled after 15 days, hence why it's "saved".
    09-22-08 04:59 PM
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    Thanks for your reply.

    1) That seems kind of crazy for the design. But I just discovered I can save searches and I can name one that filters only sent mail so I guess that does the job.

    2) guess this really doesn't do what I want it to do which is hide read messages. Guess I don't understand not having a feature to hide saved messages though I do know there are shortcuts to go to the next unread message. I guess I'll have to change my way of thinking.

    Thanks again
    09-22-08 06:29 PM