1. dgrass90's Avatar
    I went into Verizon when I switched from a Tour 9630 to a Curve 8530 and they transferred my contacts to a list called "Unkown." Since then, I have added quite a few new contacts, and BB stored them in the "Default" list. I want to use a voice recognition app that requires all the contacts to be stored in "Default." Verizon said I have to sync my contact list with Outlook, wipe the device (after backing it up using Desktop Manager) and then restore the contacts from Outlook using one list. However, I have a Mac and this feature is not available. Is there anyway for me to work around this?
    06-21-10 08:06 AM
  2. syedreza's Avatar
    hey dgrass,

    Search for "ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter" and "ABC Amber IPD Merger". I use them quite frequently in these cases.
    06-21-10 03:08 PM