1. MSingh93's Avatar
    Hi crackberry users.
    Im going to be buy a new bb bold 9780 and i want yto buy a memory card with it.
    The thing is Im not too sure what type of memory card it takes.
    Can somebody please tell me. I want to make sure i buy the right type of memory card which is why i am asking. I dont want to put the wrong memory card and damage the bb.

    I had my eye on a few and wanted to know if one of them will work.

    one is a 8gb micro sd hc with the number 4 on it
    one is sandisk 8gb micro sdhc with a number 4 on it

    There the same i think but if not, will one of them work in the bb. Any responses are much appreciated.
    01-03-12 03:21 PM
  2. joeldf's Avatar
    Any micro sdhc memory card will work up to 32GB in size. The 4 is related to its write and access speed - a higher number is a faster card. How much that is relevant to the phone, I'm not so sure (although, such write speeds are noticeable in digital cameras where it counts). Someone else may know better about that. You will also get opinions on which manufacturer is the best to get, but I won't get into that as I don't have the experience there.
    01-03-12 03:59 PM
  3. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Most class 6 can be had for about what a class 4 costs. If you hunt, you may find a class 10 for a good price too. I purchased one locally, private labeled for MicroCenter, and it was on sale for $12 (8Gb), with a lifetime guaranty.
    01-03-12 04:33 PM
  4. CanadianThomas's Avatar
    Agree with ^^^^^

    Faster is much better, you feel it every time the BB accesses the card, both writing and reading.

    Speed only kills if your wasted, otherwise its your friend.
    01-03-12 04:38 PM