1. andex's Avatar
    Hello, I just got my new bold and it has an 8GB memory card. I started adding music into it. The other day I decided to delete some songs in order to add new ones, when I did this the songs didn't show on the blackberry but the memory didn't show any increase in its capacity, it was showing as if all the songs were there. So I formated the memory. And now instead of having 8GB I have 7.69GB, I formated again and now 7.49GB.

    Does anyone know what to do??? anyone had the problem of deleting things and not having empty space on the memory?

    09-24-08 05:25 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    A typical 8GB device will be described using decimal numbers where everything is a multiple of 10, so gigabyte = billion and the device has 8 billion (8*10^9) bytes. Your computer uses binary numbers so megabytes and gigabytes are multiples of 1024. If you calculate back to Bytes 7.69GB (binary) sounds about right for 8GB (decimal).

    The loss on second format is probably one of two things. Either your format program stores 'unformat' info in a hidden area, OR some bad areas were identified and marked as unusable.
    09-24-08 05:57 PM