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    I just recently got a blackberry curve 8310. I bought a kingston SDHC 4gb memory card from newegg.com. When i attached my bberry to my computer, it recognized the card, and I was able to transfer music onto the card. When I disconnected it, i received a message on the phone that was something like "media card inserted contains errors, reformat on computer". ive reformatted the card in the bberry and pc many times, and to my frustration, i either get that error message everytime, or if im lucky and was able to transfer a few songs, the songs are interupted with this electronical noise here and there. newegg is sending me a new memory card for free, but i was just wondering if this was just a bad memory or somethings wrong with my phone.

    thanks for the help in advance.
    05-04-08 06:19 PM
  2. brothamoveson's Avatar
    I was going to say try a new memory card becasue it is probably corrupt. You could always borrow one from someone just to test it. If the card works then it was a bad card if it doesn't then it is most likely the phone. If you so desire go to the ATT store and let them check it out.
    05-04-08 06:23 PM
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    Try to format it first. Put it like that in the phone before to add anything on it in the first place. If no errors, then try to Copy a picture from your memory phone to you memory card. if everyhting is ok, it s very likely that your data transfer was corrupted like said brothamoveson. Just do it again but step by step, not all your music at once
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    05-04-08 06:46 PM
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    I would write that off as a bad card, mine has worked fine from day 1.

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    05-04-08 09:12 PM