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    Phone: Blackberry Pearl 8130
    Sync Method: BIS (emails) and BB Desktop Manager (calendar, contacts, memos, tasks) synced to Microsoft Outlook

    Problem: If someone sends me a meeting notice in outlook, it shows up as a single meeting in my Outlook calendar. However, after syncing, on the BB I see the same meeting twice.

    My BB calendar has two calendars in it. When I am in the Calendar, I hit Options / Select Calendar... and I am presented with a dialog from which I can select "Show All Calendars" (the default, and I cannot seem to change that), or "Desktop", or "xxxx@myworkemail.com". If I only select "Desktop", then the BB exactly matches the Outlook Calendar. If I have "Show All Calendars" then the Desktop is there, PLUS every meeting to which I received an email invitation to via my work email address.

    Is there a way I can stop this? I would like to either:
    1) make the default selection "Desktop" rather than "Show All Calendars" and have it remember that (it doesn't remember it now)
    2) somehow remove the calendar that is associated with my work email, since it is completely duplicated by every meeting in the Desktop calendar.

    Sorry, this is difficult to describe in text. All help appreciated.

    03-31-08 09:07 PM
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    04-01-08 09:20 PM