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    I am having a lot of trouble getting my music onto my Bold correctly.

    Laptop: Windows XP w/ Windows Media Player 11. About 4 GB of music
    Desktop Manager

    Blackberry Bold w/ 8GB uSDHC card

    All the music seems to load, but metadata is mixed up. Many songs end up with either unknown artist, album, or both. In some cases, some songs for an album are right, and others not.

    At first, not all music got loaded, so I created a playlist called all music with, (yes), all music. That got it loaded. but again, tags are mixed up.

    I have tried to make sure the tags are correct, consistent, but the music doesn't always match the tags.

    HELP! so what do I need to do to get the music right???


    04-11-09 06:23 PM
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    Instead of using DM to transfer the music to your Bold, just use mass storage mode. With mass storage mode enabled, your bb will act like a removable storage drive. This way you can just drag and drop the songs that you want to your device. Also make sure that the tags for the files are all filled in and correct.

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    04-11-09 06:49 PM
  3. Bolder_in_AZ's Avatar
    I have tried just copying files, but had the same issues.
    Granted, I have done some corrections since.

    So in the Win Media Player under Advanced Tag editer, Artist Info tab, there are Artist, Album Artist, Conductor, .... Do you (or anyone else) know which of these are used by the Blackberry Music player to build it's library?
    04-11-09 08:29 PM
  4. Bolder_in_AZ's Avatar
    OK, after a bunch of trial and error, I finally found that the Key tag for the artist name is one called "Author". Unfortunately, "Author" is not visible in Windows Media Player. But there is a Microsoft Media tool available by down load called "Microsoft Windows Media File Editor". It is available as a free download on the MS site. With it you can edit the title and author.
    When I do this, things are correct. However, it means manually correcting each song, one by one; And I will have to do this for near 1000 songs

    Anyone else know an easier way???

    Note - most pop and rock is correct. This is most problematic with Classical music.

    04-12-09 03:27 PM
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    I am having a lot of trouble getting all of my music to play/read on my Bold.

    All the music seems to load, but (i) random songs end up with either unknown artist, unknown album, or both or (ii) the file is listed but the song is "highlighted" and the Bold will not play it -- it will simply skip it and go to the next song.

    I have tried updating the tags to the current version ID3v2.4. I've noticed that artists or albums that have titles that end with a "period" are problematic. For example names like "S.D.E." or "When Disaster Strikes..." "O.C." or "Grover Washington Jr."

    Does anyone have suggestions for what I can do? I have already erased and reloaded the music. I have tried loading the music directly to the MicroSDHC card. I have renamed the folder or song file on the Bold as well to no avail.

    I'm using a 5.0+ OS and have access to both Mac and Windows.
    04-02-10 11:54 AM