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    Looking for some help with Media Manager. I have seen this posted lots, but no real answers given, everyone says just turn on mass storage device and manage things that way. I can do that, but I would really like to try Media Manager as well.
    Problem is when I open Media from Desktop Manager v4.7, I get a split screen, one side is Media Manager, and the other is BB Media Sync. Only the Media Sync side is highlighted so I can sync with itunes no problem, however the Media Manager side is greyed out, and you cant do anything with it....any suggestions. I have a 8130 Pearl, and the latest software for desktop & device.
    02-27-09 03:34 PM
  2. ArmaK's Avatar
    It sounds like you may have the version of DM without Media Manager installed. You can download the latest with media manager from https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads...E8D14EE93E890D. If you think you have media manager installed, try running media manager without using DM. You can do this by going to C:/Program Files/Roxio/Media Manager 9/MediaManager9.exe.

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    02-27-09 06:20 PM
  3. xliderider's Avatar
    Also, DM 4.7 was really designed for the newer BBs like the Storm, Bold, and 8900 running OS 4.6, it can be buggy when dealing with the older OSs.

    I recommend using DM 4.6, you will have less problems especially if you want to do an OS update later.
    02-27-09 07:37 PM