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    When will black berry support the following formats?

    standard .ASX (Windows), .RAM (Real), or .SDP (3GP) formats:
    05-28-08 12:27 AM
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    asx and ram are kind of useless to most people. most people dont use those formats. real player is kind of fading away as a media player/application.

    Blackberry does support 3gp. My south park episodes on my 8320 are in 3gp.

    In my opinion blackberry supports just about all the formats it needs to, all the major ones that matter anyways. i guess it may vary by the model of your device... or more likely the OS u're running. for my 8320 i have the newest OS thats non-beta. i've been able to have movies on my 8320 in mp4, avi and 3gp. besides, if the movie wasn't in a compatible format, i just dragged it over to my blackberry using media manager(form the desktop manager) and it converted it for me.

    If u guys can come up formats that are important and blackberry is lacking...post it.
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    05-28-08 12:43 AM